2012 – 2017 Toyota Camry Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Like most new cars, the 2012 to 2017 Toyota Camry has a cabin air filter. You need to periodically replace it. Fortunately, Camry cabin air filter replacement is an easy job. Replace this filter every 30,000 miles or so or when it gets too dirty. Be sure to replace your engine air filter at the same time.

Replacement Filter

Spearhead Breathe Easy Air Filter

Spearhead Breathe Easy Air Filter

I bought this aftermarket cabin air filter for only about $9. You could pay more for a factory Toyota filter or even a fancy HEPA one, if you desire.

Removing the Old Filter

Filter in Glove Box

Filter in glove box

Door Behind Stuff

Door behind stuff

The cabin air filter sits in the glove box. Step one is generally to remove all the random junk in the glove box. From there, the door is visible.

Tab on Door

This little tab swings the door open

Filter Behind Door

The filter simply slides out from behind this little door

Door Off

The door comes off entirely

The little door covering the filter pops right off by use of this tab on the right side.

Old Filter Slides Out

The old filter slides right out

The old filter simply slides right out.

Old vs New

Old vs New

This filter was in serious need of changing

The old filter in our car was pretty dirty. A broken-in filter will actually do a better job filtering fine particles than a brand new one, because accumulated particles will reduce the size of the openings in the filter and prevent smaller particles from getting through. That said, eventually a filter gets so dirty that very little gets through and needs to be changed, like this one.

Installing the New Filter

This Side Up

Be sure to install the filter with the correct orientation

Installing the new filter is simply the reverse of removal. The only trick is to be sure to install it right side up. This aftermarket filter has an “up” arrow to tell you which way to install it. Slide it in, reinstall the door, put all the junk back in your glove box, and there you go – Camry cabin air filter replacement complete.

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