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The model info

Quickjack BL-5000SLX Setup Guide

Quickjack BL-5000SLX Setup Guide including gotchas and details missing from Bendpak/Ranger’s included manual, such as priming the power unit

Trailer resting on blocks

Storing a Trailer

Storing a trailer to maximize tire life, including how to lift the trailer and put the frame on cinderblocks, as well as covering the tires


Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

Repacking trailer wheel bearings on a standard car hauler, including jacking up the wheel and disassembling the hubs, plus EZ-lube usage

Automotive - Ford F-150

2009-2014 F150 Mirror Removal and Replacement

  As you can tell by the theme of my F150 upgrade articles, I bought a very basic truck with almost no options on it. Internet wisdom enlightened me to the fact that the fancy mirrors on higher end trucks are actually plug-and-play with all F150s. Thus, features like the puddle lamps and heated mirror […]

2009-2014 F150 Door Panel Removal

This is my writeup on 2009-2014 F150 Door Panel Removal.     The first thing I recommend doing is getting an old flathead screwdriver that you won’t miss, put some heat to the tip of it with MAP gas or a butane torch, and bend the tip of it so its perpendicular to the rest […]

Automotive - Ford Mustang

99-04 Mustang GT Hitch Installation

I like to mountain bike. To transport my bikes, I usually use a hitch-mount rack. Initially, this was the Swagman XC2, which worked very well for the price and is in the picture below. Once I got a full suspension mountain bike, I wasn’t as comfortable with how it secures the bike via the frame. […]

Design Flaw – Ford 4.6 Coolant Flow and IMRCs

  There is a lot of discussion and disagreement out there regarding Ford 4.6L engines and their coolant flow. Several companies out there offer a “head cooling mod” (HCM) which takes coolant flow from the driver’s side cylinder head and, rather than dead-ending it like stock, ties it into the heater supply tube with the […]

Automotive - Mazda Miata

The vapor barrier

Regreasing Slow Miata Windows

A guide to regreasing slow Miata windows, including how to disassemble the door without breaking anything and where to buy lubricant and bushings

All four pistons and rods removed

Disassembling a Miata Short Block

Step-by-step pictures showing disassembling a miata short block, including where every bolt goes, as well as removing the crank, pistons, and rods

New boot is significantly shorter

Moog Ball Joint Boot for a Miata

Moog ball joint boot defect in their Miata K500210 problem-solver ball joints and how to fix it with an $8 set of Energy Suspension boots

Adjusting ride height

Installing Coilovers in a Miata

Guide to installing coilovers in a miata, including the long bolt method, as well as how to properly torque everything down afterwards

Replace as much fluid as possible with fresh

Bleeding Miata Brakes

A complete guide to bleeding Miata brakes, including materials required and a step-by-step procedure

New pads

Changing Brakes in a Miata

Changing brakes in a miata, including swapping pads, rotors, and calipers, and bleeding the brakes with fresh fluid afterwards

The hitch with the old bike rack

Miata Hitch Installation

Miata hitch installation using a Curt hitch from Amazon, using alternative mounting with grade 8 bolts, and discussing different hitch options

Final picture

Miata LRB Speed Under Tray Review

A Miata LRB Speed under tray review, including how well the aluminum material and design work and how I fixed the rattle noise mine made

Far away view of sensor

Miata O2 Sensor Replacement

Miata O2 sensor replacement guide including how to do both front and rear sensors, as well as direct vs universal fit sensors

Held in with clips, can be pried and lifted out

Miata Window Switch Repair

Miata window switch repair writeup, detailing fixing a failed power window switch using some solder and sandpaper

Miata Parallel Fan Wiring

Parallel fan wiring for a Miata so that both the driver and passenger side fans turn on based on engine temperature

Done, ugly but functional

DIY Miata Headrest Speakers

Installing DIY miata headrest speakers using commonly available 3.5″ speakers, including wiring if the factory wiring is not present

Dial indicator setup

Miata Crank End Play Measurement

How to use a dial indicator and pry bar to get a crank end play measurement on a Miata motor to determine if there is a thrust bearing issue

Rerouting fixes the issue entirely

Miata Coolant Reroute (M-Tuned)

How to install an m-tuned Miata coolant reroute with pictures including thermostat and hose part numbers, as well as how to avoid common problems

Automotive - Mazda Miata – K24 Swap

Finished Car

K24 Miata Swap

Complete guide to a K24 Miata Swap, including step-by-step pictures swapping a k24a2 into a 1997 Miata using the KPower swap kit