Home Improvement

Installing an Outdoor Post Lamp

Guide to installing an outdoor post lamp or replacing an existing one, including remove and reinstallation steps complete with pictures

Fixing a Stuck Door

Guide to fixing a stuck door using a hand plane to plane it down, including where to purchase a decent hand plane and alternatives

Cover installed

Adding a 220 Outlet

Description of how I went about adding a 220V outlet to my shop, including fitting a new outlet and adding a new circuit to the sub-panel

View from the yard

Fixing a Wood Fence

Fixing a wooden fence that has sustained damage from a tree falling using simple hand tools and some lumber from the hardware store

And then it can be angled down and removed

Fixing a Squeaky Bathroom Fan

Fixing a squeaky bathroom fan with basic hand tools by relubricating with dry teflon lubricant or by replacing the motor with a new unit


French Cleat Garage Storage

Getting garden tools and other items organized and on the wall using custom DIY french cleat garage storage

Perfect fit

Garage Shelf

Easy-to-build, strong DIY garage shelf out of 2×4 and OSB

Pop-up emitter after installation

Fixing A Downspout

Fixing a downspout by extending the flow out away from the house using PVC and a pop-up emitter

The gate is finished

Simple 4′ Garden Fence

How to build an inexpensive, attractive 4′ Garden Fence using pressure-treated wood and hexagonal mesh